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Simple pricing with all the tools you need to power-up your online business. There are no hidden fees, no set-up fees or any nasty surprises. The only difference is the number of users. $20/£15 for each additional user.

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  • When you join Selro you get more than just a system, you get amazing service and a team of people on your side wanting to help your business that know a lot about eCommerce and have a huge amount of knowledge to help my/your business grow from strength to strength. I’ve not looked back since joining Selro, they make the running of a business easier and Im excited about the future of my business.

  • I have been using Selro for 3 years now. it must be said that we are witness of the awesome improvement they have done during last year. Support by David and Kloe is now better than never and one of the best customer service my company is provided with from a supplier/service. They go an extra mile to help and in most cases they even listen and apply our suggestions for features and improvements.

  • I have been using Selro for nearly a year now and our company could not have coped with the orders without it. All orders come in to one central database, we bulk print “picking lists” and when ready shipping labels are bulk printed ready for the couriers. All despatch details are automatically uploaded to the sale channels. Without Selro I am sure I would have had to employ at least an extra person if not 2

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